connecting your account to aarnâ

use this guide to connect your account to aarnâ. learn how to connect, find assets via aarnâ.

good to know: if you have accounts on multiple exchanges, you can connect and manage them all on aarnâ. you can connect your exchange accounts by generating API keys on the exchange site, then plugging those keys into aarnâ.

in aarnâ, click the profile icon in the top-left corner, then click connect with cex:

upon clicking a dialog will open where the API key and secret key needs to be added

open your account to generate new API keys.

you open in another window and sign in.

alternatively, you can reach the API management page on by clicking your profile icon in the top right of the page, then selecting API management.

enter a label for your API key and click the “create new key” button.

it helps to give your key a label relevant to its purpose — like “aarnâ”.

when you click create will prompt you to enter your google authenticator 2FA code. when the code is received will send you an email with an activation link.

open your email account and find’s confirmation email. open it and click the orange confirm API key creation button in the center. if the button fails, you can use the direct link provided just below it.

set the API key permissions

the button & link will take you to the API list page on your account. the settings required to enable are as follows:

under API restrictions, enable:

  • Can read

make sure enable withdrawals is disabled. you cannot withdraw funds via aarnâ, so enabling this function poses a security risk to your account.

do not enable IP access restriction — this feature is currently unsupported by aarnâ.

your API key permissions should look like this:

if you need to adjust any of the restriction settings, click the edit restrictions button in the top-right of the window. once your changes are made, click the save button in the same location. will prompt you to enter your google authenticator code once more to confirm the changes.

copy and paste the API and secret keys into aarna.

copy and paste the secret key into aarna now — binance will hide the key if you leave the page. if that happens, you will have to delete the key and start over.

next, copy and paste the key labeled “API key” into the API key field and similarly for secret key. aarna will then automatically attempt a connection to your account.

if an error occurs, you must delete the API key in binance and try again with a new key.

if your binance box on the profile page looks like the image below, the connection was successful:

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